VIP movers Mission Viejo

We understand that if you have enough money and want to move with commodity, or if you have a lot of fragile things in a house, which should be transported to another one – you need a special, not standard service, which will care about you and your stuff. That is why we have a special movers service, which is intended for special clients and have some additional services, which standard package of services doesn`t contain. If you are a special client and need additional care -congratulations! You have just found your hero – VIP movers in Mission Viejo.

VIP moving company Mission Viejo

We want to tell you about our VIP services:

  1. We understand that you spend a lot of time working and moving is a big problem. That is why we can come to your house, look around and make a plan and a checklist of the moving day. We will count the furniture and see which packing materials are needed, how many movers and vans should be involved in work.
  2. Don`t care, we will provide all the packing equipment and accurately pack your furniture. We have special boxes for fragile things, electronics, plants, and a bubble wrapping paper. And we even have a “moving house” for your pet and a comfortable place in the car for you.
  3. Transportation. You don`t need to look for the vehicle, because we have already solved this problem. We provide professional vans to relocate of your furniture and transport all as quickly and accurately as possible.
  4. Movers even unpack and furniture the new house to save your time and power. We sure, you will like this, because we do all with love and we are trying to make your home warm and cozy.
  5. Insurance. We provide full insurance to our clients and take the full charge of your furniture, plants, and pets. You don`t have reasons to worry about, because we have thought about all and are ready to organize you the ideal VIP moving.

VIP moving company reviews

“This is really the best moving company! I have used their VIP package services and left totally satisfied. Even my cat liked these movers” – writes Pit.

“It is evident that you deal with real professional movers. They do their job excellent. All is okay with my furniture and the new house is perfect furnitured. I adore with them. And give “like” to this company” – comments Janny.

You too can apply and get to know how it is to deal with real professionals of the VIP moving! We are waiting for you, our special client, and your comments.

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